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  • Duct system Improvements

    Duct System Improvements

    Leaky ducts in the average apartment unit may allow more than 30% of cooling to escape. A duct system diagnostic inspection and test can identify necessary repairs that may qualify for a rebate.

  • HVAC Replacement

    HVAC Replacement

    Save money and keep your residents' home comfortable and cool. Install a new energy-efficient air conditioning system and earn a rebate.

  • HVAC Tune-Up

    HVAC Tune-Up

    Tune-ups help an HVAC unit to recover lost efficiency, improve overall comfort level, operate more safely, and reduce operating expenses.

  • Power Partner℠ Thermostats

    Power Partner℠ Thermostats

    Control your Wi-Fi-connected thermostat anywhere, anytime to save money and energy.