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Standard Rebates for Multifamily Properties
Austin Energy’s Multifamily Rebate Program is designed to make energy efficiency upgrades easier and more cost-effective for multifamily properties. Energy efficiency measures can increase property values, reduce work orders, and decrease maintenance costs for properties.

Good For Residents

Increasing the energy efficiency of the apartments at your property helps lower utility bills for residents. It can also increase their comfort levels during those hot summer and cold winter months — as well as improve indoor air quality — leading to happier residents and higher resident retention rates.

How It Works

Rebates are available to owners of multifamily properties to help offset the cost of installing energy efficient upgrades in tenant units and interior common areas. These upgrades — which can include smart thermostats, HVAC tune-ups, attic insulation, solar screens, and LED lighting — help reduce peak energy demand and consumption while also decreasing electric bills.

With Austin Energy Multifamily rebates:

  • Standard rebates are designed to pay up to 80% of the cost of the energy efficiency measures installed.
  • Eligible properties may complete the project utilizing in-house staff or an approved participating contractor, depending on the measures installed.
  • Austin Energy staff and the staff of a participating contractor will help you complete the necessary application and inspections and will provide support throughout the process.

Getting Started is Easy!

Interested property owners or property managers should simply complete and submit a Contact Request Form. An Austin Energy representative will contact you to begin the rebate process.

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Date last reviewed or modified: 12/01/2022