• Chillers


    Save money to install a new chiller. Austin Energy offers rebates to commercial customers who install high-efficiency air-cooled or water-cooled chillers.

  • Cooling Towers

    Cooling Towers

    Install a new cooling tower and save on your operating costs. Austin Energy offers rebates to commercial customers who install high-efficiency cooling towers. Rebates apply to both Open Circuit and Closed Circuit, with axial or centrifugal fans.

  • Energy Recovery Ventilators

    Energy Recovery Ventilators

    Save money on air conditioning and reduce indoor humidity. An energy recovery ventilator (ERV) circulates indoor air out of your building and lets in fresh outdoor air.

  • Guest Room Controllers

    Guest Room Controllers

    Save money when your guests are not in their room. Guest room controllers adjust thermostat settings to save money when rooms are unoccupied. Austin Energy offers rebates to hotels and other hospitality customers who install thermostats with occupancy sensors.

  • HVAC Replacement

    HVAC Replacement

    Save money and keep your building cool. You can earn a rebate for installing energy-efficient HVAC equipment for your business.

  • Commercial HVAC Tune-Up

    HVAC Tune-Up

    Save money and keep your business comfortable and cool. Improve the performance of an existing air conditioning or heat pump system and earn a rebate.

  • Power Partner℠ Thermostats

    Power Partner℠ Thermostats

    Get rebates for smart thermostats and earn bill credits when you enroll in the Power Partner program.

  • Thermal Energy Storage

    Change the way you cool your building and save. Austin Energy offers substantial rebates on thermal energy storage systems. This includes rebates on the energy demand you shift and feasibility study reimbursement.