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  • Attic Insulation

    Attic Insulation

    Insulation has the challenging and important job of creating a barrier of thermal resistance to prevent heat transfer. When installed properly, it can provide increased comfort, safety, and health to occupants while helping to save money on heating and cooling bills.

  • Cycle Saver Water Heater Timers

    Cycle Saver Water Heater Timers

    Austin Energy offers free water heater timers and installation to multifamily properties with individual electric water heaters.

  • Duct system Improvements

    Duct System Improvements

    Leaky ducts in the average apartment unit may allow more than 30% of cooling to escape. A duct system diagnostic inspection and test can identify necessary repairs that may qualify for a rebate.

  • ECAD Incentive

    ECAD Incentive

    Property owners can use ECAD audit results to improve energy efficiency, which helps protect the environment, reduces resident turnover, and increases property marketability.

  • HVAC Replacement

    HVAC Replacement

    Save money and keep your residents' home comfortable and cool. Install a new energy-efficient air conditioning system and earn a rebate.

  • HVAC Tune-Up

    HVAC Tune-Up

    Tune-ups help an HVAC unit to recover lost efficiency, improve overall comfort level, operate more safely, and reduce operating expenses.

  • LED Lighting

    LED Lighting

    We offer rebates to replace traditional lighting with energy-efficient fixtures throughout your rental units.

  • Power Partner℠ Thermostats

    Power Partner℠ Thermostats

    Control your Wi-Fi-connected thermostat anywhere, anytime to save money and energy.

  • Solar Screens and Window Replacement

    Solar Screens and Window Replacement

    You may earn rebates to install solar treatments or new windows in rental units on your multifamily property.